Wednesday, July 20, 2011

GNS3 0.8.0

Saludando Nuevamente Mi gente....

Ultimamente he estado muy activo en el Networking ya que me estoy preparando para la certificacion...

Por esta razon, he estado siguiendo de cerca a GNS3 y veo que en el foro, uno de sus desarrolladores principales Alexey Eromenko alias "Technologov" publico este nuevo release...

El mayor cambio de esta version es que interactua con VirtualBox, lo cual para mi es un exito... pero hay muchas cosas mas....

A continuacion pongo parte del "changelog" solo para que vean...

Major new features in GNS3 v0.8.0 VirtualBox Edition: (compared to official GNS3 v0.7.4)
*About 1/6 of total codebase was re-written.
a. VirtualBox support (v4.1 required)
b. Basic IPv6 enablement
c. Basic Netbook enablement
d. Windows Setup was rewritten from scratch
e. Architecture: On Windows, GNS3 now runs from source code
f. Architecture: PEMU is now moved from GNS3 core to a separate component. (PEMU will be part of Windows "All-in-One" installer)
g. Architecture: Resolved system path conflict with Linux distro's built-in GNS3 package. (On Linux host, setup is no longer needed. plus you can co-install my version and official version side by side into separate directories)
h. Dynagen Console got a massive rewrite / cleanup
i. Russian translation got a major update, bringing it from ~50% --> ~97% completeness.
j. Wireshark Live Traffic Capture
k. Bring console window to front on double-click (experimental feature)

Other Changes:
1. Changed Default Qemu Ethernet Controller from "e1000" to "Realtek 8139" for Windows XP compatibility.
2. GUI: Swapped AUX & Console icons - more convenient to have "console" button near "start" button.
(improvement upon 0.7.4, to make it feel more like 0.7.3 :-) )
3. i18n Policy: Incomplete (<70%) or unmaintained translations will be dropped
on each major release, after BETA cycle, with the release of RC1.
3.a. To get new translation accepted, it must be at least 85% complete.
4. Qemu and Dynamips Test buttons improved (PEMU, Qemu UDP patch, Dynamips version checks)
5. GUI: Qemu/VBox Hidden Advanced Options by Default.
6. GUI: Added various suffixes
7. FW module renamed to PIX, with backward compatibility for project import

Si quieren seguir leyendo mas.... este es el link de foro

Para descargar

Nota: Es bueno saber que aunque no han hecho el anuncio oficial del lanzamiento en la pagina frontal, ya es una version estable garantizado por el mismo "Technologov" quien dice que ya esta version es mejor que la 0.7.4

Hasta pronto

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